Conference in Paris reflects on cooperation between churches and political actors

18 March, 2024

The Conference of European Churches (CEC) participated in a conference addressing the theme “Christian churches and political actors: which conditions for which cooperation?".

The conference was held in Paris from 13 to 15 March. It was organised by the three partner faculties of ISEO - Higher Institute of Ecumenical Studies, including Theologicum, Institute of Orthodox Theology of Saint-Serge and Protestant Institute of Theology of Paris, together with the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Law of the Institut Catholique de Paris.

CEC Programme Officer for Advocacy and Dialogue Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic presented the CEC initiative Pathways to Peace and how it promotes the protection of worship places and cultural heritage in Europe. She stressed that worship places need legal, political and financial security.

“Protection of the worship places and cultural heritage in Europe is very much needed,” said Kitanovic. “It is important to ensure a clear legal and political framework for its protection, financial support for reconstruction and rebuilding of the worship places and holy sites in conflict situations in the years to come.”

The conference participants discussed a number of topics including the role of churches, religious and spiritual leaders, political challenges for minorities, and church-state interaction in peacebuilding in the case of Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Congo and the United States, as well as how churches can form opinions and be active in dialogue in the political sphere.

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