Our Pathways to Peace initiative focuses on Ukraine, following country’s invasion by Russia in 2022, promoting justice, reconciliation and peace. 

It is a coordinated response of the European church fellowship. The initiative strengthens the synergy among churches and partners. Implementing a variety of events and projects, Pathways to Peace enhances the ecumenical vision of just peace facilitating exchange among European churches, and promoting the voices of Ukrainian churches in the ecumenical debate.

Pathways to Peace develops cooperation between church leaders, intellectuals, and academics in preparation for peace in Ukraine. It engages in dialogue with European Institutions, addressing crucial political concerns, and advocating for the protection of destroyed religious sites in Ukraine.

The Conference of European Churches was founded in 1959 as a peacebuilding organisation following the death and destruction of World War II. We continue to honour these earliest roots through an ongoing commitment to peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Read here: Concept behind Pathways to Peace 

Response from CEC member churches and partners

For more information or to coordinate an interview, please email naveen@cec-kek.be.

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