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21 February, 2024

An introduction to the work and history of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), and its current focus on the Pathways to Peace Initiative, were broached in a meeting between CEC staff and representatives of the Catholic church and media agencies.

CEC received the delegation led by Austrian Bishop Ägidius Johann Zsifkovics on 21 February at the CEC office in Brussels. The delegation included members of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the EU (COMECE).

CEC Study Secretary, Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic, shared CEC's functioning as a fellowship of European churches, not only with the EU but with numerous churches across Europe. He highlighted how CEC’s history as an ecumenical organisation, established in the name of peace and reconciliation, inspires the work it does.

Programme Officer for Advocacy and Dialogue, Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic, shared about work related to issues of safety and security for religious communities and worship places. She shared examples of CEC activities undertaken with Austrian churches to implement training and cooperation.

CEC Programme Officer for Theology and Studies, Ms Katerina Pekridou, spoke about CEC's initiative Pathways to Peace, which serves as a coordinated response of the European churches to the war in Ukraine, highlighting Ukrainian church voices for peace and reconciliation.  

She explained how Pathways to Peace remains a priority for CEC, contributing to dialogue and exchange among churches, and also addressing the misuse of religion for political gain.

Members of the press were welcomed at the meeting, given the significant role of media in accomplishing CEC's mission, adding visibility to the stances of CEC Member Churches.

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