The Uppsala Report: A Report on the Renewal of CEC from the Revision Working Group to CEC
Rapport d’Uppsala-FR Der Uppsala-Bericht-DE

. In analysing these changes, the RWG has sought to ask a num- ber of key questions:

  • What will it mean for CEC to continue to faithfully live out the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  • How does CEC respond to the changing face of Europe and the changing patterns of ecumenical engagement?

  • How does CEC renew its own institutional arrangements such that it can provide clarity of purpose in its management and governance structures?

  • What is the uniqueness of CEC in the colourful ecumenical arena? What is it that CEC can uniquely offer to support the Churches in their efforts towards unity and advocacy in Europe;

  • What will the future life of CEC look like, such that it can effectively serve and resource the Member Churches?

    This report seeks to give answers to those questions.

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