Youth contributes to the life and work of CEC

15 May, 2019

CEC brought together young European Christians, representing churches and ecumenical youth organisations in an event held from 14 to 15 May in Strasbourg.  

The event took place with the on-going meeting of the CEC Governing Board.

The event brought together representatives of European youth organisations, as well as young members of the CEC Governing Board. Participants discussed the relevance of youth in the life and work of CEC, and shared expectations youth organisations have from CEC.

The young participants reviewed CEC’s strategic work plan and made inputs.

The young participants of the event included:

  • Mr Emanuele De Bettini, World Student Christian Federation Europe
  • Mr Konstantinos Gkourlias, Church of Greece
  • Very Rev. Archimandrite Iakovos Andriopoulos, Church of Greece
  • Mr Claver Davy Igiraneza, Eglise Chrétienne Evangélique Vie nouvelle
  • Mr Tuomo Mäkelä, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
  • Ms Maria Mountraki, Orthodox Church of Finland
  • Mr Gijsbert Steenbeek, Protestant Church in the Netherlands
  • Ms Angelita Tomaselli, Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe
  • Ms Lea Kathrin Schlenker, Evangelical Church in Germany
  • Mr Andreas Henriksen Aarflot, Church of Norway
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