Young people gather at the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly. Photo: Albin Hillert
Young people gather at the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly. Photo: Albin Hillert

Every five years the General Assembly meets to make decisions for the future of the Conference of European Churches, and set the direction for its programmatic work. The assembly brings together delegates appointed by Member Churches as well as representatives of Organisations in Partnership, National Councils of Churches, and other associated organisations. In addition, we also enjoy the presence of many young people who serve as stewards, advisors, journalists, and additional staff who help make the event a success.

Our Governing Board meets twice annually to oversee the implementation of the decisions of the assembly.

Past CEC Assemblies (Click for PDF version of final reports where available) 

  • 1959 Nyborg, Denmark: "European Christianity in Todays Secularized World"
  • 1960 Nyborg, Denmark: "The Service of the Church in a Changing World"
  • 1962 Nyborg, Denmark: "The Church in Europe and the Crisis of Modern Man"
  • 1964 M.V. Bornholm (at sea): "Living Together as Continents and Generations"
  • 1967 Pörtschach, Austria: "To Serve and Reconcile: the Task of the European Churches Today"
  • 1971 Nyborg, Denmark: "Servants of God, Servants of Men"
  • 1974 Engelberg, Switzerland: "Act on the Message - Unity in Christ and Peace in the World"
  • 1979 Chania, Crete: "Alive to the World in the Power of the Holy Spirit"
  • 1986 Stirling, Scotland: "Glory to God and Peace on Earth"
  • 1992 Prague, former CSFR: "God Unites - in Christ a New Creation"
  • 1997 Graz, Austria: "Reconciliation, Gift of God and Source of New Life"
  • 2003 Trondheim, Norway: “Jesus Christ Heals and Reconciles: Our Witness in Europe"
  • 2009 Lyon, France: "Called to One Hope in Christ”
  • 2013 Budapest, Hungary: "And now what are you waiting for?: CEC and its Mission in a changing Europe”
  • 2018 Novi Sad, Serbia: "You shall be my witnesses"

Want to know more? Meet the members of our Governing Board >> 

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