What future for Europe? A consultation of churches in Poland

21 February, 2018

Press Release No: 18/06
21 February 2018

“The CEC letter on Future of Europe articulates loud and clear many concerns relevant for the situation of churches and the society in Poland. CEC member churches in Poland are ready to contribute to the discussion launched by the letter”, was the highlight of consultation organised by the Polish Ecumenical Council on 14 February 2018.

The CEC letter launched a consultation on churches contribution to future of Europe among its member churches in Poland. Six out of seven CEC Member Churches in Poland took part in the event. The discussion was enriched by a contribution of a representative from the Roman Catholic church. 

Peter Pavlovic, the Study Secretary of CEC in his contribution to the consultation emphasised, “A broad consultation and contributions of many churches from across the continent are the most valuable elements of the discussion in follow up of the letter. Contributions from churches in Poland enrich in an important way the discussion and contribute to its outcomes.”  

The discussion was an opportunity to highlight those aspects of the letter which has particularly resonated with Polish debate. Roman Izdebski, the bishop of the Reformed Church stressed, “European Union has strayed from the ideals that were at the foundation of this visionary project. The church has to work on rebuilding the trust in the values fundamental for the EU.”

In reacting to the letter participants of the event echoed “The CEC letter underlined values which are important, but not anymore visible in daily life, as solidarity and building of fellowship. These have to be cherished in particular in local communities. The church has an important role to play in this area.” 

The discussion brought attention to some differences between East and West in Europe, especially in discussion of values, as well as to the relation of churches to secularism.

“Churches should not be afraid to be in the discussion on Europe and its future more concrete and express their concerns in a language characteristic for churches,” said Andrzej Kuzma from the Polish Orthodox Church.

Churches are substantial part of Europe’s history and Europe’s future. There is not future of Europe without churches, underlined the participants of the discussion.

Participants welcomed the letter and the following discussion as an occasion to participate in the ecumenical life of the churches within CEC.

Also, for a number of CEC member churches in Poland it was an opportunity to become more active members of the CEC fellowship.

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