On the way to Tallinn: Check out the Assembly Handbook

23 May, 2023

The Conference of European Churches (CEC) invites Member Churches and partners to prepare for the upcoming CEC General Assembly by presenting a new Assembly Handbook.

The assembly will be held 14-20 June in Tallinn, Estonia, addressing the theme “Under God’s blessing—shaping the future.”

The handbook gives an introduction to the assembly venue and to the assembly itself, including a detailed agenda. Sections also highlight communications and media, as well as youth involvement, basic Estonian phrases, and other practical information for participants.

In the handbook, CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger notes: “The CEC General Assembly will be a significant time for prayer, fellowship and reflection on the life and witness of the churches in Europe.”

CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen calls the CEC General Assembly a “sign of fellowship comprising every corner of the European continent.” He went on to say that assembly is an “opportunity for us to better know one another and reflect on the historical depths and inherent potential of our shared faith.”

Archbishop Urmas Viilma, president of the Estonian National Council of Churches says, “we look forward to sharing our rich history and culture with you, as well as our ecumenical vision for the future.”

Chair CEC Assembly Planning Committee Rev. Anders Gadegaard underlines that “European churches are calling for action and courage at this time: Under God’s blessing – shaping the future.”

Download here CEC Assembly Handbook

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