Video resources: CEC Online Academy on Populism, Diversity and Democracy 2021

8 July, 2021

Video resources from CEC's Online Academy on Populism, Diversity and Democracy are available below. The videos feature keynote speeches, panel presentations, discussions and a webinar. The academy explored the question on how can European churches deal with populism by being the “salt of the earth”? from 21 to 22 June 2021.

Webinar: Salt of the Earth: Churches in a pluralistic society in the 21st century

Keynote 1: Populism in society: tasty or tasteless? An attempt of understanding by Christel Ngnambi

Keynote 2: Salt in the soup: how to create a sense of community by Alex Wimberly

CEC Online Academy 2021 Salt as an antiseptic Case Studies from Romania, Italy and Hungary

Learn more: CEC Online Academy invokes innovative approach to populism

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