Communion in Crisis: The Church during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CEC’s online theological series “Exploring Church in Mission” is launched by CEC Thematic Group on Ecclesiology and Mission. The theme for this year’s series is “Communion in Crisis: The Church during the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

The series aims to foster ecumenical theological reflection on current topics related to ecclesiology and mission. The theological reflections featured in the series will explore diverse perspectives from CEC Member Churches.

Each month a new theological reflection is published on CEC website.

In the current year, the series explores the topic “Communion in Crisis: The Church during the COVID-19 pandemic”. The series highlights different theological positions of churches in Europe on communion and the eucharist, in this way contributing to a better understanding of the reasons behind different responses to COVID related restrictions imposed on worship by governments.

Read CEC Theological Reflections:

The painting depicts Ecclesia militans and refers to the Ecclesia triumphans, including those who lost their lives during the pandemic. The flames represent the prayers people offer all around the world despite restrictions regarding church attendance. The church buildings represent the different Christian traditions in Europe. Despite their dogmatic and other differences, they stand together in the time of pain, uncertainty, fear and death. The two symbols of the Eucharist stand as a hopeful remembrance of the eschatological nature of the Christian communion. © CEC/Nikos Kosmidis
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