Social and Economic Issues

1 April, 2012

In these days the European Commission receives the so-called National Reform Programmes of the Member States. With these NRPs the Member States define how they implement and try to reach the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy. For churches the targets in employment, ecology and fight against poverty are of high importance. Therefore CSC and Eurodiaconia are following this policy since the beginning in 2010. The NRPs are now analysed by the Commission which will elaborate Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs). These have to be adopted by the European Council in July and have to be taken into account by the national budgets. CSC and Eurodiaconia have observed that the poverty target, to get 20 million people out of poverty until 2020, is not seriously pursued and assessed in this time of economic and financial crisis and austerity programmes. For more information please use the links.

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