SASCE raises awareness about security among churches in the Netherlands

16 November, 2022

CEC conducted a training for the members of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands on security for places of worship and religious communities. The training was held online as part of the Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE), a project carried out by CEC together with European religious partners, funded by the Internal Police Fund of the European Commission.

The participants in the training were offered SASCE materials in Dutch, featuring guidelines to religious leaders and staff about the protection of the worship places and law enforcement.

The training focused on the nature and characteristics of incidents that can be reported through the SASCE reporting mechanism. The training also emphasised strengthening of social relations, and the need for religious communities to work together before security threats occur.

In the discussion, participants shared the nature of incidents that their church community has experienced, and the sensitivity with which they approached these challenges. The meeting concluded that a new way of approaching security risks, threats and challenges is required. It was agreed that further time for elaboration and implementation of SASCE material is needed.

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