SASCE focuses on safety and security for religious communities in Spain

11 April, 2023

As part of the Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE) project, the Conference of European Churches (CEC) organised various events in Spain, focusing on crisis management and security, especially in the context of recent attacks on churches in the country.

CEC conducted a series of trainings and briefings, and a faith conference in Los Rubios in the first week of April.

SASCE project is carried out by CEC, together with European religious partners. It is funded by the Internal Police Fund of the European Commission.

The training was significant given the attacks on churches and clergymen in Spain. According to media reports, in January, people in two churches were attacked by an individual in Algeciras, resulting in killing of a priest, while another was attacked during Eucharist celebration.

In this context, Director of the Ecumenical Center Rev. José Manuel Mochón Martín underlined the importance of security awareness especially in a religious setting in Europe. He appreciated the relevance of such projects for religious communities striving for safety and security.

Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic, CEC Executive Secretary for Human Rights presented the SASCE project at the event, sharing materials on security awareness and crisis management. 

Young Christian volunteers from Germany supported the SASCE training in Los Rubios.

SASCE project, which is now in its concluding phase, is implemented across 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. SASCE is an outcome of an interfaith partnership, representing Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities across Europe.

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