Rev. Sören Lenz to represent CEC Strasbourg office

9 January, 2018

Press Release No: 18/01
9 January 2018

The Conference of European Churches has appointed Rev. Sören Lenz its new executive secretary to represent CEC’s office in Strasbourg.

He will be responsible for CEC’s work in the field of bio-ethics, human rights and engagement with the Council of Europe and other European Institutions.

Lenz’ position in partly seconded by the Union of Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine (UEPAL), with a responsibility of working with the Conference of Churches on the Rhine (KKR), a regional organization of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Lenz is an academic in the field of theology, literature, theatre, linguistics and philosophy and holds experience of working with the Church of England. Ordained minister in the UEPAL, he worked several years in a rural parish before he became theological director of the Church Academy of Liebfrauenberg in the Northern Alsace.

“I am keen to work on issues such as bio-ethics and education addressing the questions of Christian anthropology. My priority at CEC will be to learn and contribute more on ethical matters in society especially in a European context,” said Sören Lenz.

“I’m profoundly convinced that we as Christians have the duty to engage in an open and maybe controversial debate about these issues in our parishes, in our churches and in civil society. I hope to facilitate this discussion generated by CEC,” he added.

Henrik Hansson
CEC Communication Coordinator
Tel: +32 2 234 68 42
Twitter: @ceceurope
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