CEC Member Churches: A publication featuring information about 114 Member Churches of the Conference of European Churches in Europe. The publication is the result of an initiative of the Armenian Apostolic Church, produced for the benefit of the CEC Member Churches, in collaboration with the CEC secretariat.

Mapping Migration in Europe, Mapping Churches’ ResponsesRevised and updated edition. A joint publication from the Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe and the World Council of Churches. 

The Charta Oecumenica is a joint document of CEC and the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE). It was signed by the presidents of the two organisations in 2001 and seeks to preserve and develop fellowship among churches.
Charta Oecumenica EN Charta Oecumenica CZ
Charta Oecumenica FR Charta Oecumenica DE  Charta Oecumenica RU

European churches engaging in human rights Present challenges and training material. For more on this publication, including multimedia material and a Serbian translation, please click here.

Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology in Europe: Call for Climate Change. A joint publication from the Church and Society Commission of CEC and the World Council of

Threats and Challenges of Globalisation: Churches in Europe and Latin America in dialogue. Outcomes of the first round of the dialogue between CSC/CEC and CLAI published jointly with the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI). The document is the result of a dialogue which contributed to trustbuilding and overcoming of differencies in a number of discussed themes and is a joint contribution to a wider ecumenical debate.

European Integration: A way forward? Churches in Europe contributing to Europe's future: framework and issues
Európai Integráció Milyen integrációt szeretnénk? Egyházak Európában, Európáért: témák és vitapontok

“Education for Democratic Citizenship” in the Context of Europe: Material and Resources for Churches and Educators. Edited by Peter Schreiner. A publication of the Church & Society Commission of CEC, the Intereuropean Commission on Church and School and theInternational Association for Christian Education in cooperation with the Comenius-Institut. This publication is a tool to provide information about basic elements and initiatives in Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC).

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