Reflections on EDC: European elections by Hanna Broadbridge

8 May, 2013

European elections are seen to become more important

The recent reshuffle in the Danish government has highlighted the views of the new Foreign Minister, Martin Lidegaard, who now wants Denmark to be more involved with and more concerned about issues from Brussels.

The election for the European Parliament is approaching.  Two organisations, Grundtvig’s Forum and the Council for International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, supported by the Association of Teachers of Sociology, have produced cards with questions to raise awareness and to stimulate discussion in schools, churches, youth clubs and all the other places where people gather and talk. Each card has a relevant Europe quote from some well-known person, followed by a question that is designed to open up the discussion, with viewpoints given both for and against the position taken. The expectation is that when possessed of insight and provided with information, both young and old will feel more inclined to take part in the run-up to the election and then go to vote on the day.

People of all ages slowly seem to be awakening to their democratic rights, duties and responsibility.

These projects have been financed by a grant of €5000 from ‘Europanævnet’ in Denmark.

Hanna Broadbridge

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