Reflections on EDC: Citizenship must be learnt by Hanna Broadbridge

8 December, 2012

Citizenship must be learnt – in freedom and with responsibility, with respect and honesty.

It relies on, as well as builds on, trust and confidence between the powers that be and the individuals who live in the community or society.

All in the society must feel that their contribution, practical, financial, social etc. is valued and respected.

For that to happen, all citizens must accept that their part of the deal is to be involved in debate, in public activities and in elections. Everybody also needs to accept fundamental democratic principles such as freedom of thought, freedom of speech, votes for all and also that the majority carries the day, and that sensible compromises need to be reached.

For all that to happen, knowledge and information must be available. This can come through the printed media, the electronic media or the social media, as long as these media are honest and truthful.

Everybody is involved here: homes, churches, schools, clubs and all must shoulder this responsibility.

By Hanna Broadbridge

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