Preparatory Committee for a Conference on Human Enhancement

1 January, 2012

The newly established Preparatory Committee for a Conference on Human Enhancement started its work.

Its mandate is:

The Preparatory Committee will

1. organise a CSC Conference on Human Enhancement in 2012. It should identify key issues for the agenda and for follow-up and identify the rights participants from member churches.

2. establish the future CSC agenda in the field of Science and Technology, especially on Bioethics and Biotechnology, and appropriate ways for CSC to address them.

3. comment on developments on Bioethics and Biotechnology and to make recommendations to member churches

4. develop common positions of churches towards the European Institutions on Bioethics and Biotechnology

5. develop the CSC online library on issues related to Bioethics and Biotechnology

The Preparatory Committee developed the concept of a Conference on
“Human Enhancement: Moral, Religious, and Ethical Aspects from a European Perspective”, taking place from 25 - 27 April 2012 in Brussels.

Its members are:

Dr. Theo BOER - Protestant Church in the Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Stavros BALOYANNIS - Orthodox Church of Greece
Dr. Andrea DÖRRIES - Protestant Church in Germany
Prof. Dr. Ulrich KÖRTNER - Protestant Church – AC -  in Austria
Prof. Dr. Karsten LEHMKÜHLER - Union of Protestant Churches in Alsace and Lorraine – France
Rev. Dr. Brendam McCARTHY - Church of England
Ms Miriam SZURMAN - Lutheran Church in Poland

The Committee is served by:
Ms Maria POMAZKOVA - Administrative Secretary
Rev. Richard FISCHER - Executive Secretary
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