Prayer for Peace

7 October, 2020

Good God,
In the middle of uncertainty, fear of illness and death in our world,
People face each other in arms,
Hatred, violence and death destroy reconciling neighbourhoods and peaceful coexistence.

Merciful God,

In the glaring light of exploding shells
We hear the cry of our sisters and brothers for peace.
In the deafening noise of weapons, we see eyes full of tears and sorrow longing for justice.

God of peace, we feel helpless and weak, we pray to You,
Hear the lamentation of those who innocently fell between the fronts.

God of reconciliation,
Transform the heart of those who are armed to kill.

God of love
See the tearful eyes of mothers and fathers who fear for their children,

God, we beg you, hear the crying of their children!

Loving God,
As Christians of different denominations, cultures and traditions, we feel connected to our brothers and sisters around the world through your love in Jesus Christ.

We entrust the world in its fragility to you.

As Christians we know that we are carried by the hope of Easter morning, which goes beyond death. That unites us.

We will not abandon the belief that our words, our deeds and our prayers can lead the world to peace and reconciliation. It is Your Spirit that gives us hope and Your love that took shape in Jesus Christ.

Great God,
We ask you to stand by our sisters and brothers in tears.
Heal the wounded and comfort those who mourn.
Embrace the hateful with your reconciling love.
Bless them who lay down their arms in the name of freedom, peace and justice.
Let our prayer become a word of comfort and a sign of hope for them.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, we ask you.


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