New book from CEC: The European Vision and the Churches: The Legacy of Marc Lenders

6 May, 2015

Press Release No: 15/15
16 April 2015

The Conference of European Churches is pleased to announce its first publication in collaboration with The European Vision and the Churches: The Legacy of Marc Lenders is now available online.

The short volume offers a detailed and accessible account of Marc Lenders’s significant contributions to ecumenical life in Europe. From 1966 through 1999, Pastor Lenders established a growing legacy dialogue and engagement between the churches of Europe and the political institutions that represent its people.

The book was compiled by long-time EECCS* staff member Win Burton in collaboration with Marc Lenders himself. It is an essential read for anyone interested in the churches’ relationship with European political institutions and the growth of the ecumenical movement.

Readers will enjoy the anecdotes and personal insight from one of the most exciting eras in European ecumenism.

The European Vision and the Churches is now available for download from the website. Print copies will be available on Amazon in the coming days. Please visit the website for more information.

* European Ecumenical Commission for Church and Society, which was a predecessor to the Church and Society Commission that has now merged with the Conference of European Churches. 

For more information, please contact:

Erin Green
Communication Coordinator
Conference of European Churches

Rue Joseph II, 174 B-1000 Bruxelles
Tel. +32 2 234 68 42
Fax +32 2 231 14 13
Twitter: @ceceurope

The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is a fellowship of some 114 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches from all countries of Europe, plus 40 national council of churches and organisations in partnership. CEC was founded in 1959. It has offices in Brussels and Strasbourg.
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