Human Enhancement: Moral, Religious and Ethical Aspects from a European Perspective

27 March, 2012

Human Enhancement: Moral, Religious and Ethical Aspects from a European Perspective
Brussels, 25 - 27 April 2012

The general aim is to facilitate an international, interdisciplinary and interdenominational dialogue on the definition, the advantages and the concerns with regard to human enhancement ; to review and further develop the 2009 CSC Paper on Human enhancement so as to present a common voice of the European Churches to the European Institutions ; to strengthen the relationship between the CSC and institutions and bodies of the European Union and the Council of Europe, the European Ethics Group, Ethics Networks and members of the European Parliament; to help identifying the future CSC priorities in this area of work.


Workshop - Human Enhancement: The Ethical Issues

Human Enhancement: promises and realities - Churches warn but do not reject (Press Release)

25 April 2012

Introductory session

What Can We Learn From Those Who Have Gone Before?
Opening Statement by H. E. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France

Philosophy and Natural Sciences


Ethical Considerations about Neuro-Enhancement
Dr Roland Kipke

26 April 2012

STOA workshop morning of 26 April (click for programme)

Presentation of the European Parliament STOA Projects:

Human Enhancement
Dr Christopher Coenen

Making perfect life
Dr ir. Rinie van Est


Avis de la cellule de réflexion bioéthique sur les perspectives d'amélioration de l'homme ("Human Enhancement") par des moyens technologiques
Dr Maria Nuñez

Sciences, valeurs et judaïsme
Rabbi Albert Guigui

Un point de vue islamique concernant la "perfectibilite" de l'être humain
Dr Omar Van den Broeck

Protestant Perspectives on Human Enhancement
Rev. Dr Brendan McCarthy

Panel Discussion

Human Enhancement from the Orthodox point of view
Dr Stavros Baloyannis

Philosophy and Theology - Pros and Cons
Achievable Human Being? - Ethical Assessments and Implicit Images of Humanity from a Theological Perspective
Prof Dr Ulrich Körtner

Individual and Social Ethics - Medical Perspective
Enhancement in Theological Ethical Perspective
Prof Dr Stephanie Schardien

The Human Body as cultural Playground with emphasis on the Female Body
Prof Marianne Springer-Kremser

Case Studies

Human Enhancement: Moral, Religious and Ethical Aspects from a European perspective
Dr Henriette Krug

Human Enhancement: Summary of the CEC Bioethics Working Group 2009 discussion
Dr. Donald Bruce

27 April 2012

Closing lecture on contextualisation
Prof Dr Peter Dabrock

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