Have no fear: Ecumenical organisations address impact of the global refugee crisis in Europe

10 June, 2016

From 14 to 16 June church representatives from across Europe will gather in the Netherlands to address the challenges relating to refugee arrivals in Europe. Through prayer, discussion, and solidarity visits, participants in the three-day consultation will examine the churches’ response and collaborate on future action.

The first hand experiences of refugees and asylum seekers will be central throughout the consultation. They will provide testimony and participants will also visit a church near Amsterdam to visit temporary housing and meet with refugees. On Wednesday, 15 June a commemoration service for persons who have lost their lives at the borders of Europe will take place at the Keizersgracht-Kerk in Amsterdam.

Representatives from churches and ecumenical organisations, as well as experts in European affairs will contribute to the programme. Themes addressed include, the trafficking and smuggling of migrants and refugees, case studies from the Netherlands, policy and legal aspects, and theological responses.
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