European Parliament Elections 2004: Briefing Document for Churches

1 March, 2004

The 6th direct election of members of the European Parliament will take place from 10 to 13 June 2004. This time the enlarged Union of 25 Member States will be participating, 10 of them having just joined the Union. It will be the first chance for citizens from these countries to be part of the process. Recent developments in Europe demonstrate the increasing relevance of the dynamic processes inside the EU for the life of all the Union’s citizens. Churches and church-related organisations do not stand outside these concerns. We have two objectives. The first is to give churches in EU Member States information and ideas for discussion during the election campaign. The second is to indicate (though not in an exhaustive form) concerns which churches and church-related organizations have presented to the European institutions on various occasions.

European Parliament Elections 2004: Briefing Document for Churches
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