European churches to pray, strengthen solidarity as United Kingdom leaves EU

31 January, 2020

Press Release No: 20/04
31 January 2020

The following is a message from the presidency of the Conference of European Churches. Rev. Christian Krieger (President, Reformed Protestant Church of Alsace and Lorraine), Rt Rev. Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani (Vice-President, Church of England), and Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden and All Scandinavia (Vice-President, Ecumenical Patriarchate).

The United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union on 31 January. This date marks the end of a long period of debate and hesitation, opening up negotiations on the future relations between the United Kingdom and the EU. This does not change the mutual ecumenical commitment of European churches that grew in the last century under different political contexts. On the contrary, there is a call for us to intensify the commitment of churches towards reconciliation, cooperation and solidarity in Europe.

As our countries move into a new political arrangement, we encourage all Christians to pray for our politicians as decisions are made that will shape our common future.

Once again, “we reaffirm the bonds of ecclesial and ecumenical fellowship that unite churches across Europe. We respond to the same call—to follow the one Christ and be moved by the same Holy Spirit. These are bonds that unite us across time and history, and move us forward together in hope and witness” as stated in CEC Presidency message on “Brexit” issued in 2019.

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