Easter Greetings

1 May, 2016


The Evangelical Church of Greece brings you Easter greetings featuring some of its diaconal work with refugees.

During Holy Week we remember how God came to His own people, and His own did not receive Him. He came outside human centres of might and money. He was a stranger to them, and in the end he was killed by the powerful of this world, he was executed like a slave on the Cross. He took upon himself all the alienation, suffering and sin humans inflict upon each other. Christ was ignored, marginalised, cast out, and murdered outside society, away from the eyes of the affluent and the well-organised. But in being powerless, in being a Stranger and an Outsider, Almighty God reveals himself. God's humility overcomes human violence.

We are called to remember this message of God's revelation through powerlessness. We are called to see Christ in every Stranger, every outcast and marginalised person.  God's revelation through the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ breaks the corrupt power of this world and the twisted workings of sin and injustice. Christ is Life. Christ is Risen!
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