Discussion paper: The Relation of the EU and Turkey

1 June, 2004

The accession of ten new Member States in 2004 will bring about significant modifications of the political, economic and social dynamics of the European Union. The character of the Union will change substantially. In December 2004, however, the Union is set to make a further significant decision regarding its enlargement. It will have to give a definite answer to the application of Turkey for membership of the Union and the eventual start of accession negotiations. Against this background the churches also look on the perspective of Turkish participation in this process. Some of the CEC member churches have close relations with the minority Christian population in Turkey and some are based in Turkey; they are especially interested in being actively involved in discussions about the role of Turkey in relation to European integration - notably the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Church of Greece and the Evangelical Church in Germany. There are also a number of other churches in Europe following this process with close attention.

The Relation of the European Union and Turkey (PDF)
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