COVID-19: A prayer for the affected

10 March, 2020

God, we are insecure and worried
Things are spinning out of control
Fear spreads faster than the virus
My neighbour is becoming a threat
Borders are closing
People are becoming isolated

God, we understand the measures and attempts to ensure safety
God, we are insecure and worried
You came to earth to heal, where fear and mistrust is spreading
You came to earth to comfort, where hopelessness and loneliness is felt
You came to earth among the outcasts and marginalised

We pray to you:

Give us the courage to face illness and death, and never give up
Give us the vigour to spread hope where fear darkens the world
Give us the strength to encourage people who feel lonely and excluded

God, we know that we are connected as churches through your Spirit
Even across the borders between us.

Prepared by CEC Executive Secretary Rev. Sören Lenz, also read in German and French.

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