Churches can contribute much to the vision of sustainable future

16 May, 2023

“Churches and faith-based organisations can contribute much to the vision of sustainable future,” said Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic, Secretary of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN). He was participating in the “Beyond Growth 2023 Conference: Pathways towards Sustainable Prosperity in the EU” held 15-17 May at the European Parliament in Brussels.

“To support vision of a sustainable future through change of policies and values, the churches and faith-based organisations have an important role to play,” said Pavlovic. 

“The need to work on carbon neutrality and care for our common home is getting growing support. The question of compatibility of economic growth with a vision of a sustainable future is one of the key concerns in future,” he added.   

The conference was a multi-stakeholder event, which discussed policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe, based on a systemic and transformative approach to economic, social and environmental sustainability and its encompassing governance framework.

“The hope reaching beyond economic growth is not about saving the planet. It is about creating a common home for everyone.” By these words Philippe Lambert, MEP and co-president of the Group of the Greens, EFA, set the tone for the opening day of the conference. 

Relevance of the beyond growth thinking was underlined by the opening speeches of the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. They underlined key concern related to sustainable economic growth.

The conference was attended by over 2000 participants present in premises of the European Parliament and online, and raised particular attention among the youth.

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