Challenges of ecumenism today

22 January, 2024

As part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, CEC Programme Officer for Theology and Studies Katerina Pekridou reflected on the contemporary challenges of ecumenism in a roundtable organised by the Chapel for Europe on 18 January in Brussels. The event gathered representatives of European churches.

“Ecumenism is a movement, it consists of several expressions, experiences, spiritualties, projects and programmes.” Pekridou spoke about well-known ecumenical platforms and challenges related to their institutional character. She emphasised the importance to consider "different expressions of ecumenical dialogue and the work of reconciliation of Christians, as well as the variety of instruments that work for Christian unity” when speaking about ecumenism. She invited participants to reflect on where they find themselves as Christians in this movement.  

Traditionally the week of prayer is celebrated between 18-25 January, between the feasts of St Peter and St Paul. In the southern hemisphere, where January is a vacation time, churches often find other days to celebrate it, for example around Pentecost, which is also a symbolic date for unity. Learn more about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Watch video: Round table on the challenges of ecumenism today

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