CEC publishes book “Alternatives to Populism from a Human Rights Perspective”

9 October, 2023

Press Release No: 17/23
9 October 2023

The Conference of European Churches publishes a new book Alternatives to Populism from a Human Rights Perspective. Edited by CEC Programme Officer Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic, Rev. Dr Patrick Roger Schnabel and Sofia Caseiro, and produced in partnership with Globethics, the book explores the phenomenon of populism from various perspectives, exploring links between religion and religious actors in a compilation of essays authored by academics in the field. 

Through this publication, CEC offers its Member Churches and partner organisations information, as well as insights on how to counter populist temptation.

The book draws attention to the many ways in which religious communities are already part of a wider alliance to combat the populist threat. The Conference of European Churches stands firmly in sharing and fostering the European dream of freedom and equality, and dignity for all and everyone.

“Our faith calls us to serve all people, regardless of whether they share it or not. Our churches are diaconical, not only in social work but also in their public mission,” reads the note from editors. “To speak out for human rights in general and freedom of religion or belief in particular is part of that public mission. By laying before you, our readers, this collection of essays, we do hope to contribute to this common aim of all who share the European ideals.”

Digital copies of Alternatives to Populism from a Human Rights Perspective can be downloaded free of charge. Print copies are available from Amazon.com.

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