CEC president urges Patriarch Kirill to raise his voice against Ukraine war

4 March, 2022

President of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) Rev. Christian Krieger has urged Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia to raise his voice clearly against Russian aggression in Ukraine and contribute toward efforts to end the war and realise peace.

“Religious and political leaders around the world, as well as the faithful of different churches are waiting for you to recognise the aggression, call on the political leadership of your country to end the war and return to the path of diplomatic dialogue and international order,” reads CEC president’s letter to Patriarch Kirill, issued on 4 March 2022. “We call on you to affirm the value of all human lives, including the lives of Ukrainian citizens who are under attack.”

Krieger went on to say that like millions of Christians around the world, he is appalled by the aggression of the Russian armed forces against Ukraine, civilians and thousands of people fleeing the country. “At the same time, I am disheartened by your daunting silence on the unprovoked war that your country declared against another country, which is home to millions of Christians, including Orthodox Christians that belong to your flock,” he added.

“As churches, our horizon is beyond national interests. I firmly believe that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ carries a message of peace for all humankind that calls for a deep respect for the dignity of every human being. This message is rooted in the mercy of the Triune God and the forgiveness God offers by the gift of Himself to anyone who comes to him. This message calls Christians, churches and church leaders like us, to be artisans of peace and reconciliation,” he said.

“I pray that you raise your voice to put an end to the war. I pray for the victims of this war and all those who are working to realise peace,” concluded Krieger.

Appeal from CEC President in Greek - translation offered by the Church of Greece

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