CEC participates in Prague Continental Assembly of the Synod

9 February, 2023

“The synod is a moment of great importance, a turning point, which marks the history of the Church, of the Catholic Church surely, but also more widely for the Church of Jesus Christ.” CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger was speaking at the Continental Assembly of the Synod in Europe, held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 5 to 12 February 2023.

The synod was organised by CEC’s ecumenical partner the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE), together with the Czech Bishops’ Conference and the Archdiocese of Prague.

“CEC deeply appreciates the way Pope Francis involves other churches in the synodal process, and the attention he gives to the ecumenical dimension of the synodal process by affirming that ecumenism is necessary for the synodal process, just as synodality is for ecumenism,” added Krieger.

He emphasised that the vocation of the Church is evangelisation, mission, unity and social service.

CEC Governing Board Member Dr Valérie Duval-Poujol from the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France, also participated in the event.

The synod brought 390 online delegates, in addition to the 200 in-person delegates, to promote dialogue at continental level on the text of the Document for the Continental Stage: to “more accurately formulate open questions, to better substantiate and deepen the insights coming from the local churches, now in a continental perspective”.

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