CEC Governing Board meets in Strasbourg

20 May, 2019

Press Release No: 19/11
20 May 2019

To set priorities for the work of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), focusing on the theme “Together in Hope and Witness” – CEC Governing Board met from 15 to 18 May in Strasbourg, France.

The important areas that surfaced in CEC’s strategic work plan for 2020-2023 include promoting peace, justice and reconciliation in Europe, strengthening ecumenical fellowship and promoting the mission of the Church, and raising churches’ voice in Europe and the European Institutions.

The meeting was significant to take place this year when CEC is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. To mark the anniversary a formal reception was held at the Council of Europe for the participants. CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger welcomed the guests. CEC Governing Board members Rev. Alison McDonald and Prof Petr Kratochvil made presentations about the history of CEC, ecumenical movement in Europe and its relevance to CEC’s current work.

At the meeting CEC Governing Board made two public statements.

One statement titled Towards peaceful coexistence in the Middle East was endorsed. The statement produced at the CEC Cumberland Lodge conference in December 2018, signed by the representatives of churches, aid organisations, politics and academia, stresses the need for mutual respect crucial to the peaceful co-existence of religions in the Middle East.

The second statement by the board recognises the “need for a renewal of democratic vision, attention to political and economic institutions, the recovery of memory, and an expansion of civil society.” In context of European elections, political change and UN Peacekeeping day on 29 May, the statement urges CEC Member Churches to “pay attention to the language of public discourse”.

The participants visited the Council of Europe and European Youth Centre, meeting with staff of both organisations, sharing about democratic culture, youth, human rights and bioethics.

The meeting was also an opportunity to bring together young representatives of European churches and youth organisations to engage with CEC. Together they discussed the role of youth in the life of CEC, sharing their expectations and contributing to CEC’s work plan.

The meeting was hosted by the Union of Protestant Churches in Alsace and Lorraine.

For a complete list of Governing Board members, please click here.

Read presentation from Rev. Alison McDonald: “CEC: Ecumenical Perspectives and Challenges”

Read presentation from Prof Petr Kratochvíl: "CEC: Politics of the Ecumenical Movement in Europe"

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