CEC General Secretary pays tribute to Archbishop Antje Jackelén

31 October, 2022

CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen pays tribute to Archbishop Dr Antje Jackelén, primate of the Church of Sweden, as she concludes her years of service. He appreciated her strong commitment to ecumenism, while being a true Christian witness.

In his greetings delivered in Uppsala on 30 October, Sørensen remembered Archbishop Jackelén’s address at the 2018 Novi Sad Assembly of CEC, where she quoted Roman-Catholic Cardinal Karl Lehmann, “the future Christian will be a witness, or soon he will be no more”.

“Looking back your ministry as Archbishop, I see someone who took on this call to witness, claiming and safeguarding space for a Christian voice in the political discourse - not only in Sweden but in Europe,” said CEC General Secretary.

“CEC deeply appreciates the Church of Sweden’s commitment to ecumenism and we look forward to exploring this further with the Archbishop elect, Bishop Martin Modeus,” he added.

A mass in Uppsala Cathedral celebrated farewell of the Archbishop Jackelén, attended by various churches leaders and representatives of ecumenical organisations.

Archbishop Antje Jackelén became the first female archbishop in 2014. Born and raised in Herdecke, Germany, she was also the first immigrant in modern times to serve at a high chair of her church.

Learn more about Archbishop Antje Jackelé’s farewell (in Swedish)

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