CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen

16 January, 2020

Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen is the general secretary of CEC since January 2020. 

Born in Kolding, Denmark, Skov Sørensen comes to CEC with a vast experience in theology, mission, ecumenism, leadership, communication and management.

Skov Sørensen has a PhD in Missiology, Ecumenics and Systematic Theology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and M. Phil in Ecumenical Theology from Aarhus University in Denmark.

He has served as general secretary at Danmission and led the department of ecumenical and international affairs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (ELCD). He carried out several academic assignments at Aarhus University and United College of the Ascension, UK, and held positions at the Danish Missionary Society and Danish Church Abroad – Hong Kong.

Skov Sørensen has served on various Danish and international councils and boards of directors, including Dan Church Aid, the Endowment Fund of the Lutheran World Federation, Centre for the Study of Religion and Society, Aarhus University, Danish Church Abroad, Eksistensen Christian Think Tank, the Amphlett Scholarship Fund, UK, and Areopagos Foundation.

Skov Sørensen is an author of various publications on international and ecumenical affairs.

He is proficient in Scandinavian languages and English, with good knowledge of German, French and Mandarin Chinese.

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