CEC Assembly in Estonia will focus on the theme “Under God’s blessing – shaping the future”

22 February, 2022

Press Release No: 02/22
22 February 2022

The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is set to hold its General Assembly from 14 – 20 June 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, exploring the theme “Under God’s blessing – shaping the future”.

The Assembly is hosted by CEC Member Churches in Estonia, the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Orthodox Church of Estonia.

Every five years, the General Assembly meets to make decisions for CEC’s future. The Assembly brings together participants representing CEC Member Churches, Organisations in Partnership and European National Councils of Churches from across Europe. The Assembly will also elect the new board members who will steer CEC’s work for the next five years.

“The CEC Assembly will be a significant moment of prayer, fellowship and reflection for the life and witness of the churches in Europe. The theme will bind us together in an ecumenical spirit to offer churches’ contributions toward Europe’s future,” said CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger. “Together, we need to highlight the voice of Christian faith in European societies in addressing the policymakers.”

“CEC is especially grateful to our member churches in Estonia, and in the Nordic Baltic region for their invitation to host CEC Assembly. It is my prayer that our fellowship is further strengthened, as we prepare to go to Tallinn,” he added.

Tallinn – an opportunity for ecumenical fellowship

“The CEC General Assembly is a sign of fellowship comprising every corner of the European continent,” said CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen. “It is an opportunity for us to better know one another and reflect on the historical depths and inherent potential of our shared faith.”

“With delegates and other participants, I look forward to exploring how together we can take responsibility for shaping Europe’s future – under God’s blessing,” he added.

“If the churches stand together in Europe, we will be better able to spread and sustain the view of freedom and responsibility, as reflected in CEC Assembly theme,” said Rev. Anders Gadegaard, CEC Governing Board member from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark and chair of the CEC Assembly Planning Committee.

“At a time when over-consumption of resources is threatening the existence of the planet, when the gap between rich and poor is increasing and excessive national feelings are weakening the attention of those who need help in other parts of the world, this is what Europe needs. This is why European churches call for action and courage at this time: Under God’s blessing – shaping the future,” added Gadegaard.

CEC is a fellowship of 114 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic churches from across Europe, plus more than 40 National Council of Churches and Organisations in Partnership. CEC was founded in 1959, following the Second World War, to work for healing and peace. Together with its ecumenical partners, CEC represents over 380 million European citizens in the continent.

Reflections on CEC Assembly theme: Under God’s blessing – shaping the future

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