CALL Assembly to take place in Rome

1 September, 2014

The CALL-Network will hold its 4th Assembly in Rome from Monday 22 September to Wednesday 24 September

During the last two years the CALL-Network worked with its working groups on

  • Precarious work

  • Sustainable economy

  • Youth unemployment

Under the headline “Bridges between hope and reality – overcoming imbalances in Europe” the Assembly will:

  • evaluate the work done

  • discuss the present social and employment situation in Europe in the working areas of CALL

  • visit concrete projects on this topic in Rome

  • seek for an international perspective in a meeting with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO)

Finally the Assembly will facilitate to envisage new common projects and cooperation in and for the CALL-Network, also including the use of EU-funds and EU-programmes.

Please click here for a draft programme of events..

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